Dear Clients,

As we informed you there was an outage in the denxpert system caused by the German data hosting provider (Host Europe) yesterday.
Our service is now up and running and we do hope the issue has not affected your work within denxpert.

An official email notification has been sent out to all our affected users after recovery.

The outage was caused by a technical error (corrupted disk) without any former notice from our german hosting provider and unfortunately, their reaction and solution were way below our expectations both from an urgency and quality perspective, so we at denxpert decided to move all our services from them to Microsoft Azure at the earliest convenience. This is a very important decision as Microsoft has state-of-the-art data hosting technology and we feel this is the moment we need to switch all our critical services onto their servers.

From your point of view, the most important information is that the Azure servers are also based in the EU so all your data stays within the same boundaries as before but with a much higher level provider and within a more robust and safe service environment from now on.

We do believe that with this crucial step we will be able to provide you with a better, faster, and even more reliable cloud-based service without any similar issues in the future. Your smooth work and satisfaction are our highest priority when using denxpert. Based on our plans the vendor switch will be done during the weekend and from Monday (05.09) the new provider will host our services.

Please inform if needed your IT about the data hosting provider change if you think that based on your best practice it is needed to notify them.

Feel free to contact us at if you still experience anything unusual in the system.

Sorry for the caused inconvenience again, we wish you a pleasant day!

Kind regards,
the denxpert team